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The Crooks wonderful Fathers Day gift and surprise!

This was such a wonderful surprise photo shoot held at the Arboretum. Special days like Fathers Day are to be celebrated. What better way to do that than with Pictures!!! The Crook family pictures at The Chanhassen Arboretum. What great fun with smiles and spring flowers. Chloe and Noah were perfect spirits. smallIMG_0036_1 smallIMG_0029_1 smallIMG_0031_1 smallIMG_0038_1smallIMG_0048_1 smallIMG_0080_1_1 smallIMG_0094_1_1 smallIMG_0083_1_1 smallIMG_0106_1_1 smallIMG_0110_1_1 smallIMG_0212_1_1 smallIMG_0108_1_1 smallIMG_0126_1_1 smallIMG_0146_1_1 smallIMG_0151_1_1 smallIMG_0175_1_1