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Arens Wedding – Sept. 26, 2014

What an amazing day, Sept. 26, 2014. Arens Wedding at the Arboretum.

Watching Jeff and Lisa with their three boys you could just see the love and compassion shine through. The wedding was intimate with just very close family and friends celebrating the joining of these two people creating one couple.

The support of the three boys in their dapper attire was to die for. With the guests and the guest visitors of the wild turkeys just made the day perfect. The weather was perfect as well, a little breeze and the sun shining through the trees. You could not have had a more beautiful day.

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Chanhassen Senior Pictures

Allyson was an amazing women and great to spend time with. She knew what she wanted to do and where she wants to go in life. That is so refreshing.

Talk about a great smile and personality. The light hit her eyes and just sparkled which made her personality shine through all the more. Allyson was a great 2015 senior to work with. We went to the Arboretum in Chanhassen and just had a blast walking around and having fun.

Moving into that next stage in life can be scary and challenging at the same time. Having your senior pictures taken is kinda like a right of passage for a teen moving into adulthood.

What a beautiful day for portraits taken.

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Emily’s Graduation pictures! 2015 Graduate

Senior pictures – Graduation and the entire process of growing up is like a right to passage in becoming an adult. For myself it is amazing to be able to capture these young adults at that moment in time.

It was a lot of fun taking picture of Emily’s Graduation pictures. We traveled to The Mill City Ruins and to a local lake in Victoria MN.

She was so energetic and adventurous. Graduation pictures are a stepping stone in life. A right of passage to the next step of life.

Chanhassen Graduate of 2015

Here is the link to the entire photo session.


Emilys senior pictures – Chanhassen 2015


Christmas is just around the corner.

School has started the pitter patter of all our kids feet have gone to the schools. I have one Senior, one Junior and an 8th grader. Hard to believe that this will be our last Christmas with all three kids in k-12 school. Life goes on very fast and want to encourage you to stop and capture your family pictures this year. You never know if next year will be here or where everyone will be next year!

I, Cindy enjoy spending time with each of my clients families. I look forward in capturing your pictures for your Christmas cards. If you have never had a session with me you are going to have a relaxing but fun experience. You will be come my family and I will take care of you. Your Christmas will be celebrated with your cards spread all over showcasing your families session.

Here is one of our outtakes from our family session!

Welcome all to our Anderson family!

An out take of our family portrait session.
An out take of our family portrait session.

Family update

Sorry I have been absent this last month. As a family We have had a lot going on.

My  husband has been extremely ill. He has had pneumonia and a kidney stone. He has been in and out of the hospital and had surgery.

Ethan has had a few baseball state tourneys and this weekend he has his last.

Lexi is enjoying summer and spending lots of time with her friends and enjoying keeping book for Ethans team. She has gained lots of brothers this year.

Payton has enjoyed baseball with his team. He is just having fun and enjoying the game.

Myself, I have had several photoshoots that will be displayed and highlighted over the next month.EthanBASEBALL CARD FRONTEthanBASEBALL CARD BACK

Thank you all for keeping up with Prominence Photography and our work.



Picture Tips for your Portrait session!

Picture Tips: How to get the best out of your pictures from your portrait session.

A few quick tips:

1) pay attention to your teeth. Invest in teeth whitening strips before your portrait session. teeth

2) pay attention to your eyes, tricks to make women’s eyes pop- make eyelashes longer, use a bit more eyeliner and darker than you normally would. don’t forget the bottom lid.

3) wear matte foundation to reduce the shine.

4) night before take your toothbrush and brush your lips to exfoliate your lips and give a refreshed look to them.

5) look in your mirror and practice how your head will look at what angles in your pictures the best.

6) have FUN!!!

Laura and Justins Wedding

Congratulations Justin and Laura.
You are to amazing people. You had fun in front of the camera and relaxed to create beautiful picture. Your wedding was fun and enjoyable. I chuckled as all the speakers were talking. They did give great advice for a good marriage starting at your wedding date.

Hope you enjoy your sneak peak here at our Blog.

Wedding0125 Wedding0174 Wedding0184

Wedding0214 Wedding0238 Wedding0248

Wedding0619Wedding0517  Wedding1215 Wedding1216


I have heard many times how nerve racking it can be to get your senior pictures taken. I have started to offer a 20 minute session to learn how to use all of your body in the most flattering way. Get the most out of your upcoming senior session. Feel comfortable in your own skin. Contact me today to schedule your LEARN HOW TO DO IT Session!

Senior portrait trial


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