Christmas is just around the corner.

School has started the pitter patter of all our kids feet have gone to the schools. I have one Senior, one Junior and an 8th grader. Hard to believe that this will be our last Christmas with all three kids in k-12 school. Life goes on very fast and want to encourage you to stop and capture your family pictures this year. You never know if next year will be here or where everyone will be next year!

I, Cindy enjoy spending time with each of my clients families. I look forward in capturing your pictures for your Christmas cards. If you have never had a session with me you are going to have a relaxing but fun experience. You will be come my family and I will take care of you. Your Christmas will be celebrated with your cards spread all over showcasing your families session.

Here is one of our outtakes from our family session!

Welcome all to our Anderson family!

An out take of our family portrait session.
An out take of our family portrait session.